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Julie, mère de Rafaëlle, 8 ans, tutorat à domicile

Ce matin, votre publication m’a interpellé! Dans mon cas; malheureusement mon enfant ne passera pas son année malgré tous les

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Caroline, mère de Logane, 11 ans, cliente en tutorat virtuel

« Avec le confinement, les enfants à la maison et le travail professionnel qui continue, j’avais besoin d’un coup de pouce

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Francia Ravalison, tutrice avec monTutorat, experte en enseignement virtuel

“Le tutorat en ligne…une excellente alternative! Grâce aux plateformes virtuelles disponibles, le tuteur et l’élève peuvent se voir et se

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Manon, tutor with mytutoring.com since 2010 Granby, Québec

Teaching is my passion! I find joy, every single time to be able to work one on one with a

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Nathalie, tutor with mytutoring.com since 2011. Granby, Quebec

I find real joy and happiness helping others, it is really rewarding. Recently, I have worked with a student that

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Dominique, tutor with mytutoring.com since 2018 Bromont, Quebec

When I started tutoring, for me it was an opportunity to have supplementary income doing work that I love. I

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Sandy, mother of Trystan Bromont, Quebec

Thumbs up for the past 4 years! You have been in direct contact with our family for all this time,

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Eric and Karine, parents of Emily, 13 years old Bromont, Quebec

The last two years with mytutoring.com has been a turning point for us and our daughter. Capable of surmounting obstacles,

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Julie, mother of Matis, 9 years old Bromont, Quebec

Our son has been working with a private tutor from mytutoring.com for the past two years and the results speak

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