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Our pricing is super simple

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Easy online payment

Advantages of buying bulk lessons

Each tutor has his own availability calendar.  Once your are connected with your tutor, it will be possible, even advisable, to book all of your upcoming lessons in advance.  You will be able to modify or cancel up to 24 hours if the need arises.  This will give you the advantage of locking in your desired times and dates, without another client snagging your preferred time slot.  You would like your child to be tutored at home every Tuesday at 6pm for the next two months?  Why not go ahead and reserve in advance.  Total freedom and peace of mind!


Lessons are booked in advance on the website with your credit card. This protects the customer and allows you to have receipts, every transaction is secure. The tutor gets paid automatically after your lesson, and you will have access to your billing on your dashboard.  Once your bloc of lessons is purchased, it will be possible for you to book your lessons with your tutor.  The tutor will receive notification of the appointment and will be there on time for your lesson to start, at your desired time slot, easy!  If you must coordinate certain logistical aspects with your tutor, it will be possible via the chat feature of your dashboard.

* There will be a 10$ fee, to be given automatically to the teacher, if the lesson is more than 15km from his home or school.

Logistics and safety

Even if every tutor working with us has an up to date police criminal record check*, we highly recommend the presence of an adult at all times during the tutoring lesson. This protects everybody.

The lessons can be set up at your home, in a local library, or in certain exceptional cases, the tutor is set up at his home (we will insure that the set up is highly professional if this is an option).  The meeting place can be in a neutral area such as a library, this is a personal favorite.  Either way, we will find a place that guarantees the best results with your tutor.

* All tutors are to provide us with a recent criminal check with the local authorities.  You are protected.

Cancelation policy

For any cancellation or to move the date and time of a lesson, you can do so directly on your tutor’s calendar.  Please note, it has to be at least 24 hours in advance.  In the event that the cancellation is less than 24 hours in advance, the client will be billed automatically for their lesson.

Terms and conditions

No need to sign a contract, you have full flexibility on the lessons you purchase and book with your tutor.  The client is responsable for his reservations and his cancellations.  We do however highly suggest constance in the lessons, this is the key to progression and success.  You do not need to binge on lessons, we recommend one or two (in certain cases) lessons evenly spaced out in time, every week.

If you live in an area where tutors are scarce, the process of finding the right tutor can be a little longer.  We also offer online tutoring, which has even more flexibility and can be a very powerful tool as well.