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Are you ready to become a valued mentor in a child’s life?

Here are the top reasons to become a tutor with myTuroring.com:

  • You get to do meaningful work one-on-one. Added bonus: no classroom noise!.
  • We match you with students that are a good fit.
  • You earn more, with fewer hours.
  • You don’t ever need to worry about finding clients.
  • You become part of a community of like-minded teachers.
  • You get support and resources from our team.
  • You work flexible hours. In fact, you decide on your perfect work calendar!
  • You get instant payment.

We are 100% aware that you are at the core of our success, which is exactly why we treat our tutors and teachers with the extra care they deserve.

Are you ready?

Work with us

Getting set up with myTutoring is easy.

1 You complete our simple onboarding form online.

2 We contact you to welcome you and get to know you a bit more, to see if you we are a good fit.

3 You write up a short bio and post a photo of yourself for our website.

4 You decide your calendar, you have full control of your availabilities.

5 We match you with your students – you decide if it is the right fit or not.

You’re free to work as little or as much as you. Together we remain in a continuous feedback loop where you can discontinue a tutorship if the student is no longer a fit.

What other tutors sayOur goal is to find the perfect match between student and tutor. Find the joy of teaching 1 on 1 with meaningful students.


1- What are the traits of a good tutor?

The tutors working with us are;

  • dynamic, with great listening skills
  • organized and self-reliant
  • passionate by teaching, helping and guiding children or teenagers
  • are great people persons!
2- Do I need a University degree in teaching to become a tutor?

A university degree and a teaching certificate are not obligatory.  We accept in our team tutors that have a college or university degree in a field related to teaching, or to a specialty they wish to tutor (math, chemistry, science, or a field related to education).  We also welcome tutors that are in the process of competing their university degree in teaching, or with a strong specialty related to tutoring.

3- What subject and which grades should I be tutoring?

You are free to choose the subject and grade they wish to teach.  We highly recommend that you first choose a field you are really confortable teaching, with an age group you see yourself tutoring, based on your experiences.  Our final recommendation, go with your passions!

4- Where are the lessons given?

It really depends on your client’s needs, each case is unique.  The lessons can be set up at your home, in a local library, or in certain exceptional cases, the tutor is set up at his home (we have to insure a highly professional set-up if this is an option).  Virtual lessons from your home can also be a great option!

As a tutor, you always have the right to decline a situation you are not confortable with, please talk openly with us if this is the case.

5- How much do I get paid as a tutor?

The pay a tutor gets really depends on their experience and the field they have studied, as well as their proximity from the lessons’s location.  Generally, tutors get 70% of the lesson’s fee.

In certain situations, a client does not live in an area where there are available tutors.  In order to help tutors with driving expenses to and from those far away lessons, we will negotiate a rate of 5$ to 10$ with the clients that will be billed automatically from the reservation page.  This amount, given in form of per diem, will be entirely given to the tutor.