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About Us

We all need a little help now or then. Trust us with finding a solution that puts your child on a path of success in school.

We get it.

Parenting can feel like the hardest job in the world sometimes. We feel overwhelmed, stressed, tired… and sometimes despite our best efforts our children don’t see we are actually trying really hard to do what’s best for them!

We truly hope myTutoring can provide both your and your child with the peace of knowing you have someone by your side – someone to listen, help and who knows how navigate our complex (less than perfect) school system.

myTutoring is a platform that matches students with local tutors based on their individual needs. We’re a small company based in Quebec with a mission of helping more students succeed in school. All our tutors are fully qualified. We help overwhelmed parents find a private tutor that is suited to their child’s individual needs.

Hi, my name is Mel.

I’m a primary school teacher turned matchmaker – and the heart and soul behind myTutoring!

The joy of teaching and helping others will always drive my mission in life.

After the birth of my first child, I didn’t want to go back to teaching full-time in a classroom. But how could I still help children succeed in their school career while working from home?

I switched into action mode, and quickly myTutoring was born.

I know from experience: Finding a tutor is easy, but finding the right tutor isn’t. All of our children are unique beings, and so are their challenges in school. A tutor needs to understand your child’s individual needs first to craft an approach that matches their pace and style of learning. And not every tutor is suited for every child.

So in order to match them in the best way possible, I created a system to find and assess tutors, and onboard parents and students in a unique way. 12 years later, we’ve matched over 2000 students and helped thousands of children succeed in school.

And the best part for you as a parent? You can leave your worries of finding the right tutor to us and instead enjoy your new-found sense of freedom.


PS: Have you got a question for me? Drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.